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About us

Horizon Educatief vzw, brimming with passion for the sea since 1995, is an educational operation on the Ostend coast. 

Horizon Educatief wants to make people crazy about the sea. All our activities have an educational background, which we present in a playful and experience-oriented way. No boring monologues here, but our animators take you into a world full of fantasy and experience. It is important for us to discover things for yourself, with all your senses on edge. We give you a real taste of the wealth our coast has to offer. 

The sea runs like a blue thread through our offer. We work around the pillars of nature/environment and coastal heritage. Renewable energy, plastic soup, climate, biodiversity, fishing or maritime professions are just a few of the topics of our sessions. 

Are you looking for a playful, educational interpretation for your maritime classes or your excursion? Do you want to do an original trip with your family or group of friends? Are you also crazy about the sea and do you like going on camp? It is all possible with us! All our activiteiten activities, you will find them on our site. We also work on request. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas. We will gladly help you.

Our team

Horizon Educatief is supported by an enthusiastic team of 3 staff members, 8 board members and many volunteers. Meet our team here. 

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Phaedra Van Kerrebrouck

Educatief medewerker

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Board of directors

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They too are building a sustainable future

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Horizon Educatief inspires people to discover and respect the versatility of our coast .Horizon Educative works around the pillars: nature/environment and coastal heritage. The activities of this educational operation establish links with sustainability and solidarity in the broadest possible context. Creativity and experience-oriented work are central to the provision of guided workshops, training and customised packages. Horizon Educatief focuses primarily on education, but also offers tailor-made programmes for other target groups.


Horizon Educatief wants people to respect and appreciate our coast, the seas and oceans. We want people to deal with our planet in a sustainable way and recognise the role of the sea. To this end we organise all kinds of activities to sensitise people in a playful and active way. We use different working methods to achieve this goal. Integrating STEM principles, sensory and investigative learning but also playful activities to experience the sea. 


We work within the expectations of the attainment targets and the various curricula of the different educational networks.
bring together
Bringing together people, associations and companies with the aim of passing on the love of the sea.
Being a platform for volunteers and supporting them with training, contact and guidance. Allowing them to be part of an exciting organisation.
We want to raise interest in sustainability, nature conservation and environmental awareness. We do this by providing, developing and promoting information and education.
Organising nature and environmental educational, recreational and cultural activities for schools, families, companies and associations.
Stimulating experience-based work within education. Introducing and implementing new working methods in the range of guided sessions.